Coker Cemetery Association, San Antonio, Texas

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2017 Annual Meeting

When: Sunday May 21st - Desserts 3:30 p.m., Program starts at 4:00 p.m.

Where: Coker United Methodist Church - 231 E. North Loop Rd.
               Wesley Hall - Room 703-704

Program: Coker School's 60th Jubilee Celebration

Details: On May 6, 2015 Coker School celebrated its 60th Jubilee at the current Heimer Road location. Butch Gerfers was asked to deliver a history of the school dating back to the begining. Come and see the PowerPoint presentation from the Jubilee. If you ever attended any of the four Coker schools, or knew someone who did, you won’t want to miss this meeting.
[click here to see the brochure from this event]

Bring your favorite dessert to share before the meeting starts!


• Dessert and fellowship
• Program - Coker School's 60th Jubilee Celebration
• Minutes of last meeting
• Financial report
• Audit Committee report
• Nominating Committee report
• President's report