Coker Cemetery Association, San Antonio, Texas

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CHARTER, consisting of


COKER CEMETERY does not sell burial spaces. The Cemetery is operated and maintained by a Board of Trustees and depends on regular financial assistance from the kin of deceased. The following rules for use of the Cemetery establish your responsibilities, those of this Association and the mortuary of your choice. They will be of assistance to you when the time comes to have a burial in COKER CEMETERY.

1. Contact one of the Cemetery Trustees and state your desire to use COKER
    CEMETERY.     [return to top]

          a. Establish with that Trustee your eligibility to use the Cemetery. One of the
              following three conditions must be met for a person to be buried at
              COKER CEMETERY:

                     1. Blood kin of Joseph Coker.
                     2. Original settlers of Coker Community born on or before January 1, 1920.
                     3. Families, other than descendants of Joseph Coker, who have been
                         assigned gravesites as of April 1, 1993 will be allowed burial in said
                         assigned plots.

          b. After your eligibility is established, assist that trustee in determining the
              appropriate gravesite for burial.     [return to top]

2. Make funeral arrangements with the mortuary of your choice. Remind your funeral
    director that he must obtain a signed burial permit from a Trustee before burial
    arrangements can be completed.

3. If records of this Association do not reflect your immediate past giving to maintain
    be made to the Association before the burial permit is completed for your funeral
    director.     [return to top]

4. Headstone deposits

          a. Conventional burials:
              A deposit of $500.00 for a headstone and/or date of death inscription on an
              existing headstone must be made with the Association by the person seeking
              use of the Cemetery. This $500.00 will be refunded, without interest, if a
              headstone is in place and/or the date of death is inscribed on an existing
              headstone within twelve (12) months of burial. If a headstone is not placed
              in that period and/or the date of death inscription is not completed, the
              deposit will be used by the Association to place a flat gray granite marker
              on the gravesite or inscribe the existing headstone with date of death.
                                                                                                  [return to top]

          b. Cremation burials:
              COKER CEMETERY ASSOCIATION will provide markers for all cremation
              burials. A fee of $500.00 will be assessed at the time of the first cremation
              burial in a plot to cover the cost of granite marker and the first marker plate.
              Each additional burial will require a fee of $150.00 for the marker plate.

5. With a signed burial permit in hand, your funeral director will arrange for opening
    and closing the grave as well as other services you will request of him.     [return to top]

6. Giving by next-of-kin of persons interred in this historic Cemetery makes the
    maintenance of this Cemetery possible. It is normal practice for all next-of-kin to give
    semi-annually toward this maintenance. It becomes a way for our supporters to
    express their desire that we continue our maintenance of COKER CEMETERY. All
    who come here appreciate the restfulness, the quiet, and the natural beauty
    unique to COKER CEMETERY.          [return to top]


COKER CEMETERY has a significant historical background and we are proud of this background. While we have no full time caretaker, COKER CEMETERY ASSOCIATION attempts to maintain the cemetery appropriately by mowing the grass and periodically trimming the trees and bushes.               [return to top]

To make our care of COKER CEMETERY easier for us to handle, and to contribute to the desirable overall appearance of the cemetery, COKER CEMETERY ASSOCIATION adopts these rules:

1.    When erecting headstones do not install any curbs, chairs, settees, benches,
        flower stands and the like because they become impediments to grass mowing.
              [return to top]

2.    Likewise the planting of trees, bushes and flowers is not permitted. The planting
        of grass, such as St. Augustine, is permitted. However, COKER CEMETERY
        ASSOCIATION assumes no responsibility for the watering of planted grass. It will
        be mowed when and as the entire cemetery is mowed.              [return to top]

3.    Interested parties are permitted to attend gravesites by watering and trimming and
        the placing of flowers in receptacles. COKER CEMETERY ASSOCIATION
        assumes no responsibility should flower receptacles and their contents
        be lost, turned over, broken or removed. Empty receptacles should be
        removed from gravesite except where they are a part of the headstone
        arrangement.              [return to top]

4.    When ordering the erection of a headstone, it is strongly recommended that the
        monument company install a reinforced concrete below-ground base
        foundation. Without a proper and substantial foundation headstones
        over time become unstable and may topple over. The time to prevent
        this occurrence is when initially contracting with a monument.
        company.              [return to top]

5.    The metal temporary grave marker furnished by the mortuary will be removed
        when the headstone has been erected.

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