Coker Cemetery Association, San Antonio, Texas

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Books, Magazines, Newspaper Articles, and Videos

Historical Markers

Coker Cemetery Histories: In 1998, Bob Battaglia began publishing a series of articles that highlight some of the many stories about the families that lived in Coker Community. Bob passed away in 2018.

In 2020, Dr. Tom DeKunder assumed the role of Historian for Coker Cemetery.

Gayle Spencer did an amazing job in researching and writing Haunting the Graveyard: Unearthing the story of the Coker Settlement. While doing her research for the book, she compiled a list of all the people named in it and their relationship to Joseph Coker. This is an invaluable tool for anyone doing genealogy research. To access the list , [click here].

Jones, V. Royce. "Coker Cemetery Association, Progress Report 1857-1995"

Stanfield (Jones), Jeanette. "The Cultural Development of Coker Community, Texas (Graduate Thesis presented at Southwest Texas State Teachers College, August, 1942"