Coker Cemetery Association, San Antonio, Texas

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The Cultural Development of Coker Community, Texas

by Jeanette Stanfield

Appendix II

No. 279137
State of Texas

in the Name of the Republic of Texas

John Coker

To all to whom these presents shall come, know ye: I, Anson Jones, President of the Republic aforesaid, by virtue of the power vested in me by Law, and in accordance with the Statutes of said Republic in such cases made and provided do by these presents grant to John Coker, his heirs or assigns forever. One third of a League of Land, situated and described as follows: In Bexar County, on the Salado Creek, known as survey No. 12, in section No. 2. Beginning at a stake on the North West line of Survey No. 10 (400 varas North East of its South West corner) from which a Live Oak 15 inches in diameter bears North 41° West 49 varas and another Live Oak 13 inches in diameter bears south 69½° West 67 4/10 varas. Thence North 48° 35' West two thousand eight hundred and eighty seven varas a stake and raised a mound for the West corner. Thence 41° 25' East 940 varas Rattle Snake Creek, two thousand eight hundred and eighty seven varas to a stake for the North corner from which a Mesquite 4 inches in diameter bears North 64° West 25 varas, and an Elm 3 inches in diameter bears South 6 East 24 4/10 varas. Thence South 43° 35' East 500 varas a branch two thousand eight hundred and eighty seven varas to line of survey No. 10. Thence South 21° 25' West two thousand eight hundred and eighty seven varas on line of said Survey to the place of beginning. Hereby relinquishing to him the said John Coker, and his heirs or assigns, forever, all the right and title in and to said Land, heretofore held and possessed by the government of said Republic and I do hereby issue this letter Patent for the same. In testimony whereof I have caused the Great Seal of the Republic to be affixed; as well as the Seal of the General Land Office.

                                                               Done at the City of Austin on the Eighteenth day of
                                                               October, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five,
                                                               and the year of the Independence of said Republic
                                                               the Tenth.

Thos. Wm. Ward, Commissioner                                                 Anson Jones, President