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Coker Cemetery History #12

by Bob Battaglia

James Harrison Coker, son of Joseph Coker, married Sarah Jane Gann in Cherokee Co TX Sept 13, 1850. (Ref Ė Cherokee Marriage Book A). They are buried at our Coker Cemetery. There are many descendants of this marriage and it might be interesting to discuss the Gann family. Sarah is the only Gann buried at Coker. First let me recognize the authors of the information I am presenting here: Bill Gann and Gary Toms. The information was sent to be by Tom H. Gann, 2808 S. John Redditt Dr, Lufkin TX 75904. He can also be reached by email. These Gann descendants have done quite a bit of research and will be happy to hear from James Harrison Cokerís descendants. The Gann clan is planning an annual reunion in San Antonio in 2005. Iím sure some of you would like to attend.

Sarah Jane Gann Coker was a daughter of William Gann and Ruth Ann Delaney. They were married Aug. 22, 1816 in Greene Co TN. Their other children were (all Ganns): John Delaney, Nathan Wilson, Louisa Gann Broxson Ligon, Ruth Ann Gann Evans, William Jackson, Wesley Delbert and George Washington. First two children were born in Hardin Co TN and the rest in Perry Co TN. Tom Gann in Lufkin has a picture of William Jackson Gann taken in 1914; he was a brother to Sarah Jane.

Sarah Janeís father, William Gann, was a farmer and served in the War of 1812 where he lost an arm. Research indicates Sarah Janeís parents and children arrived in Texas in 1837. On June 3, 1983 in Lufkin TX, the William Gann Chapter of the United States Daughters of the War of 1812 was established in his honor. His g-g-grand-daughter, Mrs. Jessie Wright Jordan, was the organizer. The William Gann Chapter is unique in that its membership includes descendants of each of William and Ruth (Delaney) Gannís eight children.

The above Gann Family researchers show Sarah Jane Gann Cokerís ancestry as follows: Samuel and Elizabeth Gann; Adam and Jane Gann; Ignatious Nathan and Susan Gann; William and Ruth Ann Delaney Gann; and then Sarah Jane Gann Coker. Most of the Ganns in the U.S. descend from the above Samuel and Elizabeth Gann. Samuel was born ca 1705 and died before 1762 in Frederick Co. VA. Elizabeth died after 1762 in Rockingham Co. NC. Anyone who would like more detail should contact Tom H. Gann.

Sometimes it is interesting to look at the families next to each other in a census. I am taking the 1880 Bexar Co. census and listing just the husband and wife of each household. This gives you an idea where they were located. The Coker area was part of census Precinct 2. Note the census takerís spellings: JOHNS AND COCKER. Spelling of other names may be at fault, e.g. Bode could be Bodie or Bodine. Precinct 2 was larger than the Coker Community, so it may wonder off into unrelated areas.

Notes in parenthesis are mine.
(page 250c)
Charles and Leopoldine Hartwick
Amos and Jane Johns (Jane is dau of Joseph Coker)
Seborn B. Jones (living alone, nephew of Amos Dickens Jones)
Monroe J. and Mary Ann Johns (Monroe son of Amos Dickens Jones)
W.H. Van Riper (wife was Harriet, dau of Amos Dickens Jones; Harriet died 1875)
Mar. Taylor and C. Anna Johns (Marion Taylor son of Amos Dickens Jones)
Patrick and Allen (?) Kelley
(page 250d)
Harrison and Jossy Cocker (first wife, Sarah Gann, deceased by 1870)
Geo. E. and Ada E. Bode
Ernst and Dorothea Bode
Jack D. Smith
James and Melinda Van Riper (Malinda ďKateĒ dau of Amos Dickens Jones)
James and Melinda Hampton (Malinda Winneford dau of Joseph Coker)
George and Roxanna Maltsberger
Jonathon and Mary C. Maltsberger
(page 251a)
Michael and Sarah Maltsberger
William L. and Carolina Cocker (son of Joseph Coker)
Neil and Judy Cocker (son of Joseph Coker)
Joseph Coker (living alone at age 80)
F. George J. and Mary Maud Davison
George and Teidericke Schwalle
John and Clothinde Finto (two Fintos buried at Coker)
John Borsos
Franz and July Borindy
William and Johanna Fink (located at West Ave and Loop 410; founder HWF Cigar Co.)
Wilhelm and Maria Schulmeier
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