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Coker Cemetery History #21A - March 2009

by Bob Battaglia

San Antonio Express
Monday February 9, 1925


Old Neil Coker, (May the love of Allah be with him) who once rode 60 miles within three hours on horseback, will most likely be one of the riders in the parade Tuesday morning which will meander through the streets of San Antonio. The parade is a feature of the Tourists' Day festivities arranged by the Canopus Club of San Antonio, the same being an aggregation of live young business and professional men of the city. And Neil made that ride a little matter of 54 years ago—on October 8, 1870. The fair was put on by the Agricultural Stock Raising and Industrial Association of Western Texas. After Neil made that whale of a ride—he jumped from one horse to another quite a lott of time while on that wild gallop of 60 miles—he ran out and had a shower bath while the band gathered outside and played, there’ll be a hot time in the old town tonight. Then he came up-town and went to a movie, and later in the evening went to a dance at one of the popular roof gardens of the city where a stringed orchestra, consisting of a fiddle and banjo, made sweet the evening air with the plaintive strains of Aunt Hagar’s Blues.

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