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Coker Cemetery History #26 - November 2011

by Bob Battaglia

Elwood D. Nicholson (1891-1901) was buried in Coker Cemetery at age of nine. He died of a snake bite. He was son of Edward D. Nicholson and Virginia Jones. Virginia was a daughter of Amos Dickens Jones. She married Edward Dudley Nicholson March 1, 1882 in Bexar County. Edward and Virginia are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Ft. Worth/Tarrant County Texas. The death date of Elwood indicates they were living in Coker Settlement in 1901.

Part of the above data was extracted from “Coker-Jones-Maltsberger Settlement” April 2003, page 41. Author Linda Perry.

Virginia (Jennie) Jones
Virginia (Jennie) Jones
Mrs. Nicholson - daughter of Amos Dickens Jones

The following Jones descendants gathered at the Coker Cemetery in July 1968:

Jones descendents at Coker Cemetery - July 
(left to right): Bryan Battaglia, Edward M. Jones, Vivian Jones, Beatrice Jones Harper,
Arthur Harper, Stella Jones Pendleton, Bertha Coker Jones and Belle Caps Jones.

Bryan Battaglia was my father (1897-1982); buried Comal County Cemetery.
Edward Marion Jones, son of James Seaborn Jones; married Minnie Lee Gault 1925.
Vivian Lee Jones (1889-1972), father of Royce Jones; married Bertha Jane Coker.
Beatrice Harper (1890-1990), daughter of Lee Bee Jones, married Arthur Harper.
Arthur Harper (1879-1972), husband of Beatrice.
Frances Stella (Jones) Pendleton (1892-1981); buried Holtville CA.
Bertha Coker Jones (1890-1982); wife of Vivian Jones.
Belle Capps Jones (1875-1974), married Charles Edward Jones, son of Amos D. Jones.

Charles Edward Jones married Matilda Belzora (Belle) Capps in Bexar County 20 July 1892. He was the youngest of Amos Dickens Jones’s six sons. He was born 26 Dec. 1869 and died 6 October 1942.

Charles and Belle Jones
Charles and Belle Jones

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